Chateau de Gencay

The Chateau de Gencay (Vienne, Dept 86) known for at least three stages of its lifetime, established by this chronological order. The first mention of the chateau du Gencay goes back to 993 and its first destruction/damage by Aldebert Ist of 997. The chateau is burnt out about 1025 and towards 1091 Aimeri IV is lord of Gencay and Taillebourg.

In 1173 Geoffroy III revolts with the other of the lords of the Poitou against King Henri II, revolt renewed in 1188 and 1194, in spite of the loss of the Chateau du Taillebourg in 1179 (taken by attack and destroyed). In 1242 Geoffroy IV takes part in the victory of Saint Louis gained in Taillebourg over the anglo-poitevins The beginning of the construction of the current chateau goes back to 1250 and it will be completed in 1265. In 1356, after the defeat of Poitiers and the capture of Bouchard VIII de l’Ile, the English Adam Chel d’Agorisses installed the chateau with a garrison, in 1375 the chateau will be released by From Guesclin.

In 1472 the lord of Gencay is Louis ler du Tremoille. The chateau is occupied by the troops of the admiral Gaspard de Colignyen 1569. After 1820 the castle will be exploited as a stone quarry In 1840, Prosper Merimee classifies it a Historic building. Please contact the local tourist information before visiting this Chateau as this monument was closed when we visited.. oops lol



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