Château de Cravant

Once a tall castle stood here in the 12th or 14th century, of which remains the foundations of a tower, a fortified manor house was built in the 15th century and was finished in 1556.

Construction of the Pavilion accompanied by a tower of staircase in 1560. End of 16th century, construction of the main building next to the South, at the Pavilion of Hodon. A door from the 16th century with carriage Bay and gate gives access to the rectangular courtyard.

On the opposite side, to the West, this is limited by the residential buildings including the ruins of the house of the 15th century, the Pavilion of 1560 and the main building of the 17th century. A building of the 17th century occupied the southwest corner of the enclosure, but was destroyed in 1860, at the same time that the Chapel and the Dovecot/Pigeonner located to the South of the courtyard. In return square, on the north side, are common high around 1600.

Protruding on the wall, to the West, remains a polygonal Tower of the 15th century, which has retained part of its machicolations. North, there are still the remains of a tower from the 13th and 14th century. In the northeast corner of the courtyard a pillbox with a staircase leading to an underground. To the South of the Court remains the well of the 15th century, with its roof of the 17th century.


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