Abbaye Royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubury

Located not far from the city of Richelieu, in a natural and romantic, the Abbaye Royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubury is a rich historical witness to the passage of the hermit (ancient oratory dedicated to St. Michael, from whom the hermit) Robert retired in the last years of the 11th century) to the cenobitic (donated by the seigneur Brice du Chillou in 1118, the original Priory was erected in the Abbey in 1138, as well as the monastic order of Tironien / application of the Regle de Saint Benoit, Rule of St Benedict of Norcia).

Mentioned repeatedly by the Popes Eugène III and Alexander III, the Abbey passed through, not without pain, the hundred years war and conquered under the crowns of Kings Louis XI and Charles VIII (the loft of the Abbey bears their arms) who participated in its embellishment.

After the Abbot of Charles de Ronsard in 1544 (brother of the poet), the Abbey passed through, once again, the wars of Religion, the French revolution, the plundering that ensued, and abuse of modern times…

In 1978 the buildings of the Abbey were purchased by an Orthodox monastic community which occupied the premises until 2006. This community still lives in the buildings called “Le Moutier neuf” nearby.  In 1990, the ashes of the famous actor Yul Brynner were relocated here. During the period (1978-2006) several work campaigns were undertaken however since late 2006, the site of the Abbey is a private site but is open to the public at various times of the year.



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