Chateau de Wineck

The ruined Chateau-Fort de Wineck in the Haut-Rhin, which one also finds in the old documents listed under the names of Windeck or Weineck (and which should be taken care not to confuse with the Chateau de Wineck, in the commune of Dambach, in the north of Alsace, in the department of the Bas-Rhin).

It overhangs the village and the vineyard of Katzenthal. It is the only castle of the Alsace to being encircled by vines, and celebrates the fact that Wineck-Schlossberg (wine) draws its name from it. Built about 1200 by the counts d’ Eguisheim-Dabo, it is quoted for the first time in 1251, when the count Ulrich de Ferrette gives the chateau to the bishop of Strasbourg. Held by the knights of Wineck, patrician family of Colmar, it becomes in the middle of the XIVth century property of the barons de Rathsamhausen, who preserve it until 1828.

Being composed in the beginning of only one keep and a modest home, the castle was then, in the XIVth century, increased and surrounded by a wall of enclosure, while another second enclosure was set up which delimited the low court. The castle includes today a horseshoe rampart and, being drawn up on the northern face, and a keep of 21 meters in height. The Company for the Conservation of the Historic buildings in the Alsace acquires it in 1866; it has since always been the owner.

This a witness of the medieval History of Alsace is restored in 1972 by the Friends of Wineck, “Company for the Restoration and the Conservation of the Chateau de Katzenthal”, who returned it from a distant lapse of memory and saved it from destruction. The Chateau is illuminated every evening from 21 to 12 midnight. (Text established according to an information posted at the entry of the chateau.)


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