Chateau de Thuries

You cannot miss the Chateau de Thuries, on a sharp corner of the D78, at the exit of Pampelonne towards Teillet; the big tower of the site is still there. It has a platform of forty meters in length divided by sections of walls which you have guess are old dependences. On the circumference external of the platform, the tower, in the shape of bow of a ship, and does not offer any openings. It is only in the interior, on the back wall that a door opens on the first floor but it is possible that the current breach on the level of the ground was also a door.

Probably equipped with an additional level, the tower, left keep, was to be the principal defensive element of the ‘chateau’ intended for the guard of the area and whose first mentions go back to the 13th century. Taken by surprised by the English in 1380, during the One hundred Year War, the consuls of Albi were not able to dislodge them. It is only five years later that they evacuated the places after having regularly held the area to ransom. However, the relative modesty of the site, let it guarantee to us that if the stake had been truly serious, the impregnable character of the fortress would not have persisted until its demolition two centuries later because, that of Thuries was undoubtedly dismantled under Richelieu.



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