Chateau de Ramstein

The Chateau de Ramstein is located in the commune of Scherwiller, in the Bas-Rhin department. Its name probably comes from RAM (corbel) and Stein (stone) and would mean rock of the corbel. The Chateau de Ramstein is a ruin located on the same peak as the Chateau de l’Ortenbourg. Camped at an altitude of 384 m , it is dominated by the Chateau de l’Ortenbourg of which it is separated by only a few hundred meters. Both of these two castles are the subject of a classification under the historic buildings act since July 1924. The chateau was built about 1292 by Otton d’Ochsenstein to be used as a look out point for the Chateau de l’Ortenbourg at the time of the conflict between Habsbourg and Adolphe de Nassau.

It passes then in 1364 to Zorn de Bulach. The castle was taken and devastated by the strasbourgeois in 1420. Initialy built as a simple tower which could take anything the war passed at it, it increases thereafter in a true castle. It is destroyed in 1633 by the Swedes during the Thirty Years war. There remains only the external wall and two turrets of the original castle . These last were built in 1793 to defend the entry of the Vosges.


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