Chateau de Miremont

The feudal keep of the Chateau de Miremont, The tower dates to the XIIth century, XIVth century improvements, listed monuments historiques since 1971. It is the line of Bouville which reigns on Miremont. This chateau depended on Limeuil. In 1307, Galhard de Bouville, seigneur de Miremont, dies.

In 1316, The Bouville family are evicted when Philippe le Bel gives the Chatellenie de Miremont to a cousin of the family, Pierre de Galard, Colonel General of the Infantry and Governor of Flanders. His/her Jean son of Galard inherits it in about 1340 whereas the one hundred year war begins in the Perigord. It will finish in 1453. He will adopt an attitude similar to that of his father, by never not taking really part. He marries a girl associated with Nicolas of Beaufort, an ally of the king, and whose brother will become the pope Gregoire XI. Miremont thus falls The start of a new family in 1397. The son of Nicolas of Beaufort, Jean, an alley to the English. His brother, Pierre, succeeds him. His daughter Anne marries Agne de la Tour of the family of the Tour d’Auvergne.

In 1504 His Parter/daughter becomes owner of Miremont but Francois de la Tour does not repurchase the chateau before 1516. This field does not represent a strategic asset any more because France is currently at peace. He thus resells it to increase his own fortune. Etienne de Bonald is the purchaser in 1516. His/her son Pierre de Bonald marries Catherine d’Aubusson in 1543, which belongs to famille de la Marche. when her husband dies, she again takes Miremont.

During 2 centuries, eight generations of Aubusson will follow one another as the head of Miremont, the last will be Catherine Francoise d’Aubusson de la Feuillade. It belongs to them when the revolution bursts. She flees in 1789 and a little time after, the field and the chateau are sold to the highest bidders. The fortress is partly demolished. Some of its stones were used for the construction of residences in the surroundings area. This period of the French history sounds the death of the chatellenie. The commune of Mauzens and Miremont is created. This chateau is Private Property and is currently undergoing restoration.


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