Chateau de Marqueyssac

During the XIVth century, It was set fire to and then began the plundering of the Chateau de Marqueyssac close to Beynac based in the Dordogne department. It belongs to Helie de Marqueyssac Damoiseau married to noble Raymonde de Viel Castel. Later, Marqueyssac was rebuilt but passed into foreign hands.

In 1420 Castelnaud de Berbiguieres is taken again one Wednesday in the evening, 11th of June by Jean de Marqueyssac, English captain. Jean de Marqueyssac, ‘Damoiseau’ of the place of Castelnau de Berbiguieres, kills the lords from Marqueyssac, Saint Pantaly, Mote, Bruzac,? It is of this family that the Chateau de Marqueyssac, commune of Vezac draws its name.

It still had it in the first year of XVIth century. Their weapons are carved in a vault of the church of Beynac. In 1952 The castle though abandoned was very still well preserved but in this year a terrible storm occurred which pulverized it, the beginning of the destruction. In 1972- August 15 the death of Mrs Burg (born Catch-Lacombe): Marqueyssac it then becomes the property of his/her daughter Mrs De Puiffe de Magondeaux (born Anne-Marie Burg). In 1993 Monsieur De Magondeaux dies. In 2011 the chateau again comes up for sale, and is quickly removed again, has this chateau now been saved…


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