Chateau de Bruzac

The Chateau de Bruzac is in Saint-Pierre-de-Cole, in the Dordogne, in the state of ruin, it is in fact made up of two old chateau’s. It dominates the Vallee de la Cele which runs just at its feet. It is registered a historic building on September 27, 1948. The first lord of Bruzac, Helie Flamenc, appears in 1040 on a deed of gift to the abbey of Uzerche. His/her son, Guy, are mentioned with the monastery of Vigeois in 1112 and 1143. In the next century, in 1244, the Flamenc brothers share the site. It is undoubtedly starting from this date that two chateaus are in Bruzac.

In 1258, a litigation opposes the Viscounts of Limoges and those of Rochechouart for Co-seigniory. Guy VI, Viscount of Limoges, recovers Bas-Bruzac and its lords, Raoul and Bernard Flamenc, enter his vassalage. Aimery IX, Viscount of Rochechouart, recover Haut-Bruzac and its lord, Helie Flamenc. At the end of the XIIIth century, Bas-Bruzac is not any more in the hands of Flamenc, because it belongs from now to Helie de Neuville. During the One hundred Year war, the English occupy the chateau before being driven out in 1404-1405 by the lord of Albret, constable of France. During the year 1547, Jean de Gontrand, lord of Biron and Bruzac for six years, have yielded Bas-Bruzac to Geoffroy of Marthonie. But in 1583, the future Henri IV gives it to his adviser, Philippe Duplessis-Mornay and the family dispossesses some parts of it. It is again mentioned in 1667. By marriage, Bas-Bruzac passes to the family of the baron de Beynac, then with the count de Bonneval – Cesar Phebus Francois – in 1764 and with the family of Beaumont in 1773. and so with the French revolution, the chateaus are finally given up and end up becoming stone quarries.


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