Chateau de Belcastel

The Chateau de Belcastel-et-Buc is located in Belcastel-et-Buc, in the Aude department, it is a chateau in ruin and is also called the Chateau de Villardebelle. The château is sat at 510m altitude dominant over the river Buc, it was originally built in 1082, in 1209, the Albigensian Crusade begins ordered by Simon de Montfort. Curiously, the castle of Belcastel does not appears in any text or account.

In 1221, the castle is named: Castellum Pulchrum. This curious word means: ” What, by certain apparent signs, promises to be good” (“Ce qui, par certains signes apparents, promet d’être bon”). The site is free to visit from the outside but risk of falling stone could be danger to one’s health/being so great care must be taken, the site is private property.


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