Tour de Piegut

The place is known in Gallo-Roman time under the name of Podium Acutum. The heights of Piégut find their strategic importance at the beginning of the Middle Ages. Originally a tower of wood was initially built about the 9th century to the service of the Viscount of Limoges, then followed a fortified castle with 7 rooms and a keep.

Several walls are still upright but most imposing is the keep known under the name of “Tour de Piégut” which sits 23m in height and 7m in diameter, the circular keep all that remains of a ruined chateau destroyed in 1199 by Richard the Lion heart (Cœur de Lion). In the 15th century, its seigniory depends on Limoges. In 1862, the commune of Pluviers takes the name of Piegut-Pluviers. Piegut-Pluviers is a commune located in the department of the Dordogne and the Aquitaine region. It is integrated into the Parc naturel regional Perigord Limousin.



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