Eglise Saint-Pierre-de-Vals

Saint-Pierre-de-Vals is a commune in the Aude department in southern France, and falls under the commune of Miraval-Cabardes. In the IXth century, Saint Jean de Vals depends on the monastery of Saint Etienne du Mas Cabardes. The church Saint Pierre de Vals is mentioned in 1165 in a donation of the lords of Miraval to the monastery of Fontfroide. In a inquiry of 1269 cited by Saint Pierre de Vals appears the new name of Saint Saturnin de Querio Serverio.

Coincidence or reality if one wanted to imagine that the dedication of the church evolved/moved with Saint Sernin in Saint Pierre. It should be been appropriate that the changes of owner are extremely rare. However, in this case it interests us, the Eglise de Vals already substituted its primitive owner for that of a new saint of Saint Pierre. Unknown age of abandonment but the graveyard is still in use.



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