Chateau du Frankenbourg

The Chateau du Frankenbourg is a medieval fortified chateau currently sat in ruin and is situated on Mount Schlossberg, Entry is possible via the villages of Neubois and of La Vancelle in the Bas-Rhin. This castle dates to the XIIth century and previous records show the land being acquired by Frankenbourg-Werd in 1196. and the current castles first official mention is in 1123 but to look through history reveals that it was Clovis (Clodovig) king of the Francs who built a castle here around about the Vth century when he succeeded his conquest of the Alsace. he named this castle the “Chateau du Frankenbourg” which translates to fortress of the Francs (Burg der Franken).

The castle sits at a height of 702m on the summit of Schlossberg surrounded by forest. as you march up the mountain you will be greated by many flat stone walls which historians think date back to around 480BC, coins have also been unearthed dating back to roman times. including one dated to between 272-337 So sad that this chateau built on the site of an older chateau, which also contains traces of celtic and roman buildings having 2000 years of history was finally destroyed by fire caused by lightning in 1582 and has been abandoned ever since.


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