Chateau de Montreuil-Bonnin

In medieval history, the castle had a paramount military function. By its strategic position, Montreuil Bonnin fulfilled the function of shield for the town of Poitiers: the enclosure of the fortress is flanked of 5 circular towers; it had also a defensive role because the castle sheltered an important monetary workshop. The castle first mentioned in 1012 built by Robert II le Pieux (996 – 1031), a retreat for Richard the Lionheart, who himself and his mother visited the site on many occasions, In 1181 begins the creation of a monetary workshop. but in the summer of 1204, Philippe Auguste seizes the castle.

In 1230, The place is given to Lusignan, but after 1242 Alphonse of Poitiers becomes the master of Montreuil-Bonnin. between 1346-1375, The castle is in the middle of the conflict between French and English. In 1423: the ‘châtellenie’ is allocated to the Scottish captain Laurent Vernon. At the time of the wars of religion, the castle is a solid support for the Protestants at the time of the head office of Poitiers in 1569. The armies of Henri IV will set fire to it three times in 1593. During the revolution, the castle is dismantled. The old home is destroyed. The home in the castle currently takes an L shape on the southern wall and is of the XVth century (altered in the XVIIth and XIXth centuries) and is built on older vestiges, a Roman door is preserved there at the base of the building. The original home inside the castle (generally dated from XIIIth century) is remarkable by its three beautiful windows flanking its southern wall.


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