Chateau de Levroux

There does not remain any more the large part of the feudal castle of Levroux. Only the two big towers which surround the main entrance, where the bridge originally was. This is the remainder of a chateau dating back to the 14th century, built by Bertrand de la Tour d’Auvergne, Seigneur de Levroux. although sat on the site of a previous castle dating to the around 990 It is believed to have been the castle which would have belonged to Richard the Lion-heart, sat within the limits of Chateauroux. (21km to the north)

The windows attached to the towers, as well as the blazons posed at the top of the door show that the castle had been transformed into residence. These blazons are those of Jacquette de Peschin and Bertrand V de la Tour d’Auvergne, owners of the castle in XVth century. Two cylindrical towers and the massive Gothic door on the face of building are original features and to be admired, and from this site, to view the beautiful panoramic views extending on the valley below. Beleived that in the XVIth century, the castle suffers heavily during the wars of religion. In the XIXth the castle sat in ruin, the ditches are filled, destruction of the walls.


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