Chateau de Chamborant

The family of the first barons de Chamborant are one of most famous of the area. From as far back as the Early middle ages, a military construction rose within the site of the current keep. The tower of Chamborant fell with the Bridiers to the hands of the English after the battle from Poitiers (1356), during which they killed the knight Imbert de Chamborant.

It is undoubtedly following the events of the war which rebuilt the castle of which there remains today only the principal main building. No document exists to our knowledge making it possible to specify the time of this rebuilding which one can suppose during XVth century. Its sits in the middle of a field with the cows, just outside the town of Chamborand in the Creuse Region (Dept 23) The castle and its dependences in 1566 went with the family of Moras, barons of Napolitaine extraction. Fabien de Morra (or of Moras), left by his father in his will of April 15, 1555. There exist very many descendants of the family of Moras (Morra) in France and America (Canada, South America).


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