Mont Gargan

La Mont Gargan is on top of the Massif Central (Haute Vienne, Dept 87), located in western edge of the plate of Millevaches, between Saint-Gilles-les-Forets and Sussac (Haute-Vienne).

The chapel had been built between 1868 and 1871 by the Merry Abbot with the assistance of the population. It crumbled during time, because of the bad weather and people looking for prize treasure. Sat on top of the mount it sits at a height of 730m The Conseil General de la Haute-Vienne acquired it in 1986, and the ruins were stabilized in 1992. L’association des amis du Mont Gargan took part in the development.

A pillar points out the battle of Mont Gargan during which the German army and the men of les maquisards de Georges Guingouin clashed. Contrary to a largely widespread ideas in books, Le Mont Gargan is not the culminating point of Haute-Vienne. The forest of Crozat and the puy de Lauzat, 25 kilometres to the north-east near Nedde, are higher, at 777 metres above sea level.



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