Chateau de Tauzia

The Chateau de Tauzia, the frame of the building was built at the beginning of the XIVth century, in the commune of Maignaut-Tauzia (Gers). One generally finds the name of ‘Chateau de Tauzia’, but only ‘Tauzia’ prevails locally. ‘Tauzia’ comes from tauzin, the black oak. It has a rectangular principal body, of which the ground floor was deprived of openings. It is flanked by two towers, the principal one of a square plan withan angle which is protecting a door, the second at the western angle being a simple rectangular turret Later, the interior is divided on the two stages by a cross wall, which received chimneys.

About 1500 one bores bays with mullions and one climbs a circular stair-well which makes slightly covered on the south-eastern frontage. Still reinforced at the time of the ‘Fronde’, and during the 17th century the castle is then given up and falls slowly into ruin. The staircase is destroyed in the XIXth century The Seigneurs du Tauzia are attested in the XIIth century. It is them who build the castle, mentioned for the first time in 1362 whereas it belongs to Menaud de Barbazan. The chateau was classified an Historic building in 1932.


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