Chateau de Saint-Marcet

The Chateau de Saint-Marcet with its triangular tower (very rare: there are only 5 triangular towers in France) was rebuilt in about 1260 on the initiative of Alphonse de Poitiers, Count of Toulouse and Saint Louises brother to impede English progress.

The ‘very powerful Chateau de Saint-Marcet’ (as it is called in historic written works) only played this dissuasive part for a little time and was replaced by Aurignac as soon as the end of the 14th century as head of the lordship.

Already in a state of ruin in the 16th century, it will be systematically wrecked in order to extract building stone. It is mentioned in history for being the ‘forced home’ of Marguerite, last countess of Comminges, confined by her third husband, in the 17th century. Although now in private ownership the owners allows visitors to walk the grounds where you can view the old towers (standing and those who have now fallen), the old chapel and enjoy the beautiful views.


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