Also called the Sainte-Marie de Gourdon and it located in Leobard in the Lot Department. The Gothic church of Abbaye-Nouvelle is the building representative of the monastery cistercian founded in the 13th century by the powerful Abbaye d’Obazine (Correze). In 1242 Guillaume de Gourdon bequeathed to the Abbaye d’Obazine various farmhouses, grounds and possessions located in the Seigniory of Salviac.

This donation does not seem to raise the devotion: accused of catharism Gourdon perhaps thus only softened the judgement of the inquisiteurs and, by this legacy avoided their judgement. The monks built the abbey on a calcareous spur of trapezoidal plan, named Pech-Gisbert, dominating the valley of Ceou; this semi-perched establishment, identical to that of the Abbaye du Thoronet, is rare for a Cistercian abbey. The abbey adopts the name of Sainte-Marie de Gourdon, but is more frequently called ‘Nouvelle’ because it was the first attempt of the foundation by Obazine (which would later turn to failure). Built in just 30 years the abbey church has 5 spans, and was around 45 meters long.


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