Total Solic Refinery

Can you imagine one’s delight when I saw what looked like a art deco garage empty, and off I went to explore..


Update – It turns out that the site was originally a petrol refinery called Total Solic, it originally covered an area of around 5.5ha and was actually 2 different company’s consisting of Société Solic and Total. The site itself dates to 1964, when purchased by both sides for storing Petrol.

Societe Solic went into liquidation in 1989, when laws changed when petrol went lead free, plus concern over chemicals in 2 stroke fuel, Total-France left the site, they removed the tanks but left the buildings and the site was abandoned around 1995, no serious efforts were ever made at the de-pollution of the site, in 1998 the site is sold to ANTRA but nothing appears to happen and many proceedings are taking out before in 2007 the site was sold to the commune for €200,000, also giving both company’s a free get out of jail free card, in regard to the abandoned buildings and residual pollution that could appear afterwards, it remained one of Limoges’s most polluted sites until it was demolished in 2015, its grounds now make up a car park and a large supermarket.