Thermes de Barbazan & Chapelle Inachevee

Although original baths are noted as being here in 1846, the current establishment was however built in 1901, they are believed to been the access point which the Romans used who first discovered the benefits of this area: In 72BC. Strabon (another Roman of the time of Auguste and of César), in his Geographical Studies, seemed to refer to the virtues of water of Barbazan, where he wrote: “I met in the pays des Convènes, a admirable water, very salutary with health”

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Alphonse XIII, King of Spain, stayed in the Grand Hotel that once stood here, he would in 1939 then move into a local retirement home.

Sadly today all the hotels that originally stood here have long since disappeared, as trends have changed, the tourists then disappeared, the hotels went into slow decline leaving now only a few bits of history behind, the baths with its collapsed roofs,  the kiosque, even these buildings face an uncertain future, mostly boarded up and left sat empty for many years,  it was last believed open in 2001, now only postcards and afew photos tell the story of the many people of a generation past who past by Barbazan who enjoy the benefits of the hot water springs and other services.

In this updated report, i can now say that certain parts like the grounds are now well looked after and the Kiosque-Buvette (built 1904) which features a fountain out of which comes the healing waters of Barbazan, has been lovingly restored, at present the baths are still closed and its chapelle, well it will always remain unfinished.



Chapelle Inachevee is located within the park of the thermal baths, its construction was started around 1885, when a priest in Barbazan proposed to build the chapel at top of the village. Thanks to the funds of generous givers and under the responsibility of this priest, work then begins, After the priests death nobody would continue the work needed to finish the chapel for lack of means. This vault thus remains today still unfinished.