Chateau Sainte-Marie

Perched at the top of a rocky outcrop, this chateau constituted a true strategic position during the century’s, a place of the valley but also a place of refuge for the populations. Its construction dates from the Xth century by the Comtes de Bigorre. In the XIVth century, it was the Hospitaliers de Saint Jean later then the Chevaliers de Malte (Knights of Malta) who occupied it.

Then the English took possession until the moment when the Comte de Clermont in 1404, helped of the inhabitants of the village ordered by Aouge de Coufitte drove out the English and thus put a end of term of English occupation in the valley. The Chateau was then little by little abandoned. Its restoration was undertaken in the 1980s thus safeguarding one of the most outstanding ruins of the valley.

The Ruins of the Sainte-Marie chateau are registered under the historic buildings act since October 16, 1930.


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