Chateau de Veuil

Replacing the primitive keep, a feudal chateau was built in the XIIth century on the hillock dominating the small town of Veuil. In the Middle Ages, the seigniory belongs to (of) the Mesnil then to Louis de Maraffin who sells it in 1500 to Jacques Hurault, chamberlain of Charles de France and General Tresorier of the Wars which undertake the construction of the current chateau.

After his death in 1519, his/her son Jean, adviser at the Parliament of Paris, resides at the chateau and builds between 1520 and 1530 a superb residence ordered according to regular plans. He adds to the main building and the two towers of entry, three wings, in order to create a main courtyard. This new chateau takes as a starting point the style of the more recent building of Loire-Chateau, also, like the Chateau de la Rochefoucauld in Charente. it will be demolished in 1806 by order. Not being any more as a residence, the chateau is left in abandonment and is used as a stone quarry.

In 1927, the ruins of the Chateau de Veuil will be registered with l’inventaire supplementaire de Monument Historique. it was time. Indeed, without this classification, there would remain nothing any more today of the chateau , which was one of most beautiful in the land of Berry.



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