Chateau de Laxion

Laxion shows an apparent unit of construction which accredits a fast construction. Its plan and its appearance evoke feudality (a court, defended by 4 towers with access via a drawbridge registered in a square tower in form of a chatelet). 10 large bay windows with mullions, round towers, an absence of real overall defensive power.

About 1450: it easily can be about the original time of construction of the Southern tower. A fire at the chateau and the church of Thiviers by the huguenots in 1575 within one mile of Laxion in the same year, the Chateau Barriere in Perigueux but how many others In 1599, Peyrot without ground nor title which is worth, already 30 years old, he marries his/her German cousin Marguerite Chapt de Rastignac de Laxion. Peyrot thus collects the stronghold of Corgnac and Laxion, strongly increased by the 2 marriages of Antoine. Like Antoine, it is necessary for him to invest a place with the measurement of its name and its new ambitions: a residence which shows and affirms the statue of its owner.

1643: marriage of Francois Chapt de Rastignac, that Louis XIII names “the Laxion brave man”, participation noticed in the battles. 1743: restoration by Charles Chapt de Rastignac married in 1724 to Marie d’Aydie de Riberac, cooks lintel dated 1743. In 1960, the chateau which had belonged for 40 years to the family of Dr. DAMON, still has the totality of its frames and roof cover. They are however in bad condition due to lack of financial means. Miss Damon lets things become degraded, more and more quickly as the years pass in inertia. Drac sent to him several letters of injunction of work but without success: the State does not have the means of saving a building of this importance against the will as of its private owners.

The castle is sold in 1963 to a Dutchman who creates a SCI. He says architect; free thinker, it is also made call marquis and promises much. Is Laxion saved? Unfortunately, at this time, It sat in the bottom of Pandora’s box, says one, the hope. But it will take 45 years, to finish emptying the cursed box of Laxion. From 1963 to 1998, 2 roofs will fall. A third will be torn off by a tractor. The fourth and last round tower, as well as part of the wing East will be burnt down in 1998 by the owner, he had left a basin full with fuel lit under the roof frame during the night, to drive out the Hornets. The Dutch owner dies in 2003, but the succession is complex and the castle is left in abandonment for 5 years. Whereas the process of sale is finally engaged afterwards years of obstinacy, a fire occurs in the night of January 9, 2008. This one devastates the ‘livable’ part of the chateau. Half of the Western wing as well as part of the Northern wing are destroyed. Its current owners purchased the chateau in mid 2008 and it is currently being slowly restored, was up for sale again in 2017?


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