Chapelle de Farsac

Sieur Emmanuel Jean de Brugière, the Chevalier de Farsac, known as a noble man, of the XIXth Century, if a little eccentric, he had decided to be buried on the highest hill of the commune of Augne, in the Haute-Vienne. He had for this reason offered 700 Fr to the church in order to ensure the good divine graces, and also of the maintenance of its tomb, now little by little, all that seems to have fell into a lapse of memory.

Also known locally as the Chapelle Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Augne, construction was started in 1857, finishing ten years later in 1867, This old picture from the government archives (1979) show various parts that have now disappeared including the statue which measured 40cm by 80cm but also shows the chapel was already in a state of ruin. the inscription on the door lintel in inscribed “Dedie a Saint Jean par M. de Brugiere, 1857”, dedicated to Saint Jean Baptiste by M de Brugiere.