Abbaye de St-Orens

Please do note that this abbey is a hard walk up the side of a mountain for over a hour, but what a delight sits near the top.

Also known as the Abbaye Benedictine de Saint Orens de Lavedan (dating from the VIIIth to IXth Century) Perhaps the primitive monastery was built on the site of l’ermitage de Saint Orens, by the monk of Spain in the 5th century. Orens de Lavedan would have been born in Urgell, of a Catalan lord. More probably. A declining abbey, suffering because of the proximity of powerful and rich Abbaye de Saint-Savin, it was put in control in the XVIth and was given up about 1720. The deserted buildings were sold in the Revolution and were used as a stone quarry, but their difficult access preserved part of the site.



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