Abbaye de la Couronne

The Abbaye Notre-Dame de La Couronne is a Benedictine abbey located in La Couronne in the Charente region of France. In ruins, she testifies to the introduction of the Gothic style into the West, certain lines have been written about the abbey including on May 12 1118, Lambert and les religieux de La Palud place the first stone of the church of La Couronne.

On March 12 1122, Jour de la Passion (Day of Passion), the monks make their entry in the primitive church of La Couronne. It loses its name of Couronnelle and takes on that of La Couronne. The first abbey church is replaced by a second one constructed by l’abbe Junius at the end of the XIIth century after a period of renewal of spirituality after the Gregorian reform, which is devoted in 1201. Destroyed at various times in history like during the one hundred year old war then during the wars of religion from where the rebuilding of parts of the abbey in a Gothic style screams “Plantagenet” and known as “flamboyant”. The site belongs to two different owners: the home, main courtyard, buildings monastic, the park and its accesses belong to the establishment of Lafarge Cements. The cloister and the abbey belong to the Conseil General of the Charente.


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