Abbaye de Boschaud

The Abbey of Notre-Dame de Boschaud is initially a foundation of hermits who have chosen to live a common monastic life. This is probably one of the many foundations created by Géraud de Salles in the Limousin and Périgord. On the death of the latter in 1120, the bishops of the dioceses concerned proposed that the communities should join the Cistercian order. But, curiously, while all the nearby abbeys quickly became affiliated with that of Cadouin or Dalon, the Abbey of Boschaud waits several decades before choosing to join the Abbey of Notre-Dame-de-Ré, the affiliation? of Pontigny, which is Formalized on January 20, 1163. The influence of the monks of La Peyrouse may be decisive in the final choice of the Cistercian Order, the latter having swarmed towards Boschaud.

The abbey was partially destroyed during the wars of religion and partially rehabilitated in the seventeenth century (chapel, dormitory). These ravages cause, among other things, the destruction of all the documents relating to this abbey, so that its history remains very fragmented. In 1790, During the French Revolution when the revolutionaries came to close the abbey, they found only one monk.


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